Quadient Inspire is an enterprise communication platform enabling your business to consistently deliver relevant personalized messages, at the right time through the preferred channel. This intelligent use of communications has enabled Quadient clients to build loyalty that lasts, while driving down costs and reaching new markets and customers.

  • Quadient delivers the best-of-breed solution with unrivalled experience in the field of Customer Communications Management (CCM).
  • Quadient's solution inspires businesses and enterprises to take customer communications to a whole new level and benefit from every conversation.
  • Quadient is a global company, headquartered in Switzerland, with offices throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia. In 2012 Neopost acquired Quadient.
  • Quadient serves thousands of users worldwide in a wide range of industries including financial services, banking, insurance, telecommunications, utilities and health care.
  • Quadient Inspire is an enterprise communication platform enabling your business to deliver personalised communications, at the right time through the preferred channel.

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Inspire Dynamic Statements

"Driving Innovation" – Quadient Inspire Dynamic Statements enables your customers to view one of the most critical and regular forms of customer communication in an interactive and engaging way both on and offline.

Using HTML5 technology for improved experience, Inspire Dynamic Statement integrates into your line of business systems meaning no change in processes.

Soon to be the expectation of your customers, having highly personalized data delivered, viewed and interactive with on the go, online or offline and from any iOS or Android tablet.

Offering multiple views of the same data means the customer experience is enriched and your engagement improved.

  • View multiple accounts in consolidated view
  • Point, click and interact with statements
  • Drill down to single transaction detail
  • Export data as Excel or Secure PDF anytime

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Inspire Designer

Designer is an application enabling users to combine data and design inputs to produce personalised communications. Data definition, page-layout, impositioning and production configurations are defined in a powerful yet easy-to-master visual interface which is purpose built for the creation of high-volume, data driven communications in both electronic and printed formats.

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Inspire Automation

Automation is an Automated Document Factory (ADF) solution centre-piece. It is capable of controlling and monitoring not only all Quadient production applications, but its open interfaces allows it to control and integrate with virtually any other commercial or in-house production application.

Powerful display, tracking, and reporting interfaces show the status of all production tasks.

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Inspire Interactive

Inspire Interactive is a document composition solution that enables users to define, adjust, customize, preview and generate documents via a desktop application and web pages.

Individual clients access the installed Inspire Interactive via a desktop application or a browser with a PDF file displaying capability.

The document composition solution provides the following functionality:

  • Filling in documents with custom data and generating final documents such as previews (including Flash previews), PDF files, image files or printing them out directly from within the browser
  • Setting up documents including text content management
  • Approving documents and related files (e.g. paragraphs, variables, campaigns)
  • Delegating documents
  • Campaign management

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Inspire Storefront

Inspire Storefront is a solution that allows a service provider to create and manage an online sales interface for its customers. Using Inspire Storefront, it is possible to build customized web portals (eshops) where customers can order personalized marketing products such as flyers, promotional materials, marketing letters or business cards via user-friendly interactive wizards.

All these portals can be managed from one administration point. Product order wizards can be designed and published on the web using the Inspire Storefront Desktop Client (a part of the Inspire Storefront solution) that works in conjunction with the Inspire Designer document customization software.

Inspire Storefront provides the following features and benefits:

  • The online interface simplifies product ordering for end customers.
  • The eshop environment offers end customers an easy overview of their marketing campaigns.
  • End customers can order personalized products and online surveys using interactive wizards.
  • Web portals can be customized according to end customers' branding policies.
  • Easy integration with Inspire Automation software streamlines processes.
  • Easy integration into the target business environment helps avoid complicated implementation steps.
  • Comprehensive website administration options allow tailoring the portals to meet customer needs:
        ◆ User and group management
        ◆ Order approval management
        ◆ Complex pricing options (currencies, sales taxes, bulk discounts, external price calculation)
        ◆ Product and personal budgeting
        ◆ Manual and online payment, PayPal and Moneybookers support
        ◆ Scheduling (planning validation periods and availability of materials)
      ◆ Email notification
  • Access to Inspire Storefront via selected brands of mobile devices (e.g. iPhone) is a convenient way to stay in touch with your business when on the go.
  • Inspire Storefront Desktop Client – A powerful tool for designing product order wizards, online surveys and survey cockpit.

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